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510 - 5th Street Sw, Suite 215 Calgary Ab
Located in downtown Calgary for over a decade, we are a full service chiropractic and sports therapy center of excellence, we treat a wide variety of health care needs and sports injuries and we take pride in our results Health Care Needs
The very high-energy shock waves produced by these devices caused the patients such pain that admin…
It involves the interaction between physical therapist, patients/clients, other health professional…
208 4th St Ne 4th St Ne Is Southbound Edmonton Trail Calgary Ab
Calgary Naturopathic Medicine Dr Chantelle Drobot Naturopath prevent disease promote health Naturopathy and Naturopathic Medicine Calgary Specializing in Naturopathy Naturopathic Medicine Treating Disease Stress related illnesses Digestive disorders Perimenopause Heavy Metal Toxicity-Digestive Disorders-medical practitioners-Promote Health
The Integrative Health Centre is a professional multi-disciplinary clinic committed to providing co…
For people with - high cholesterol, heart related symptoms, hormonal symptoms like PMS, ADHD type s…
470-85 Street Sw Calgary Ab
Experienced in traditional Tibetan medicine, Amchi Kunga Chodak diagnoses illness through pulse examination and urine analysis
The tip of the middle finger on the right side detects diseases affecting the spleen, and on the le…
10101 Southport Rd Sw Calgary Ab
PADIS provides free, confidential, 24/7 expertise and advice on the health effects of poisons, chemicals, medications, and herbal preparations Drug Information-medication-Poison
Medication and herbal advice on prescription and over the counter drugs. Drug information for heal…
Possible Fees: Request for data (dependent on the complexity and labour required). Medication and …
1635 17th Avenue Sw Calgary Ab
Preventous Collaborative Health is a dream come true for me, and a revolution in Calgary health care Hi and Welcome to Preventous Collaborative Health We focus on illness prevention through scientifically proven medical and lifestyle strategies delivered in the warm, patient, … prescription-Illness Prevention
Twenty-Four Seven Club ™ offers services not covered by Alberta Health Care, including: preventive …
Bay 300 2700 Main Street South Airdrie Ab
Heartland Veterinary Clinic focuses on companion animals We use a healthcare team approach to utilize the expertise of animal health assistants, animal health technologists, and the veterinarian, to fill your pets’ needs accurately and efficiently We understand the most important part … Digital Radiography
Picture this – You’ve just come home with a new pet. Life is wonderful and full of excitement.
High-quality meat meal by-products and by-product meals composed of internal organs are highly dige…
6604 - 82 Ave Edmonton Ab
We do not receive government funding for operations nor are we a member agency of the United Way In 1998, we also proudly celebrated our 12th anniversary and marked the occasion by achieving an impressive milestone, the completion of 300 dreams at a total cost which exceeded ONE AND A HALF …
103, 15379 - Castledowns Rd Edmonton Ab
Oncore Medical Aesthetics located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, provides a broad range of cosmetic services including PPx Therapy for permanent hair removal, acne treatments, skin rejuvenation and botox treatments Botox Treatments-medication
Who may not be a Candidate The following patients may not be candidates for PPx treatments. Treatm…
A gentle yet effective cleanser enriched with Alpha and Beta Acids that reach deeply into blocked p…
Th Street 921 37 Calgary Ab
Animal Clinic West is committed to celebrating and protecting the human animal bond by delivering the highest possible level of care and compassion to our clients and their pets. Pet Health Care-Vaccines
11526 Jasper Avenue Edmonton Ab
CosMedics represents a fusion of cosmetic services and medical science. Offering a full range of clinically effective non-surgical procedures and results-oriented treatments, we achieve optimal improvement for your skin and your wellbeing. Our experienced medical and aesthetic team utilizes leading … Surgical Procedures
680 North 300 East Raymond Ab
Helping thousands suffering from mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Manic Depression as well as Nutrition Disorder Manic Depression
1005 Tudor Glen Place Stalbert Ab
Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital in St. Albert is a small animal veterinary hospital which also treats exotics and pocket pets vaccinations-Surgeries
You can reduce the risk of parasitic infection to your family by eliminating parasites from pets; r…
Please don’t wait for these signs to appear; we recommend you schedule regular examinations and yea…
14- 100 Real Martin Dr Fort Mcmurray Ab
We have recently partnered with FetchDog, an online store with an excellent catalog of quality products for our canine friends vaccinations
Box 549 1222 Bev Mclachlin Drive Pincher Creek Ab
We suggest you bring your current medications when you visit your doctor Our Vision: We strive to provide excellence in primary care for our community and to enable patients to be partners in the management of their health care Use our online checklists to ensure everything is in place …
Centre 170 Centre 170 Centre 170 370, 10403-172 Street Edmonton Ab
Established over fifty years ago, the ACFP strives for excellence in family practice through advocacy, continuing medical education and primary care research Building on the success of the Tools for Practice initiative, the ACFP Evidence & CPD Program Roadshows have hit the road We …
1200 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton Ab
IHE research staff produces a record number of publications in the new IHE Report format The Board of Directors develops the first strategic plan of the organization with a goal of the IHE playing a leading role in health policy research and in influencing health policy development in …
470-85 Street Sw Calgary Ab
Experienced in traditional Tibetan medicine, Amchi Kunga Chodak diagnoses illness through pulse examination and urine analysis
4903 Graham Drive Sw Calgary Ab
Ministro Humanitarian Foundation is committed to empowering impoverished communities in third world countries through immediate medical humanitarian aid and long term support for all levels of community and government in the development of sustainable medical services MINISTRO HUMANITARIAN …
356 Cranston Rd Se Calgary Ab
…of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs that can help your dog live a long and happy life We stock most of the standard medications that might be perscribed for your cat or dog Our goal is to help you minimize the need to treat and cure preventable diseases … Physical Examinations
We accomplish this through routine annual physical examinations of your pet, proper nutrition, para…
Rr 6 Lcd 9 Calgary Ab
…of these differences while providing us with a resource to assist us in our staff education process All of our attendants carry over the counter medications which are available to workers to help alleviate the symptoms of common illnesses In 1968 we identified a need for services beyond …
Po Box 550 Magrath Ab
Mahone Nursing Home is a long term care facility licensed by the Nova Scotia Department of Health to provide nursing and personal care to eligible individuals Prescription drugs
Centre 170 Centre 170 Centre 170 370, 10403-172 Street Edmonton Ab
Established over fifty years ago, the ACFP strives for excellence in family practice through advocacy, continuing medical education and primary care research Building on the success of the Tools for Practice initiative, the ACFP Evidence & CPD Program Roadshows have hit the road We …
Suite 200 400 - 5th Avenue Sw Calgary Ab
At Rxellence Professional Dispensaries, our goal is to provide you with the best service possible From information about your medications to information about how to prevent disease, we are here for you as part of your healthcare team
1935 32nd Ave 204 Calgary Ab
HMI Global Health provides safe, high quality, low cost prescription medications, pet meds, diabetes drugs and nutritional supplements at reduced pricing as well as surgery abroad Prescription Medication-prescription-diabetic supplies-Drugs-blood pressure
Edmonton Ab
The Learning Nurse is an independent, free and safe learning resource for nurses to assess, develop and enhance their nursing professional competence prescription-Drugs
9124 23 Avenue Nw Edmonton Ab
Waldins Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy with a focus on chronic disease management and persons taking multiple medications Chronic Disease Management
403 Main Ave W Sundre Ab
Our ARP Pharmacists are friendly and knowledgeable people who live and work in your neighbourhood, and who are committed to helping make your community a better place to live
106-10611 Kingsway Ave Edmonton Ab
The mission of Halls Pharmacy is to provide ethical pharmaceutical management that ensures optimal operational cost savings for clients with whom we partner One on one interaction with our Specialists
312 Meridian Road, Ne Calgary Ab
Riverfront Aquariums Calgary is your number one source of fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and much more
4013 Nipigon Rd S Lethbridge Ab
Personalized Veterinary Care at your home for the comfort of your pet. Veterinarian medical care for your pet in your home: Vaccinations, complete physical exam, medications, senior care, lab tests. Lethbridge area only. Get the vet to your pet prescription-vaccinations-Veterinary Care
Calgary Ab
A Naturopathic Doctor is a great primary care resource for those who want to follow a healing path including natural remedies or those who want to augment their current care. You may be surprised to learn about the approach and training that is required to be a Naturopathic Doctor prescription-Homeopathic Remedies
82, 2815 Palliser Drive Sw Calgary Ab
We build homes for families in need, and facilities such as water tanks and playgrounds We provide access to necessary hospital care and medications to improve quality of life We raise funds on behalf of the less fortunate living in Tanzania, and work with local contacts to distribute …
Suite 100 8 Manning Close Ne Calgary Ab
Our system is safe and easy to use and there are no hidden fees Licensed pharmacists dispense all our prescription orders and are available for confidential consultations with patients Any information entered into our online forms is completely safe and secure Valid prescriptions … Prescription drugs-prescription
5710 - 104th Street Nw Edmonton Ab
2011 Unique Health & Wellness Inc
6 2616 16 Street Ne, Calgary Ab Can Ab
Korners natural pharmaceutical anti-viral plant-based medications for cold sores Cold Sores
1600 - 90th Avenue Sw Calgary Ab
hCG Weight Loss, Botox, BHRT, PCA Skin Care in Calgary
152, 1440 - 52nd St Ne Calgary Ab
Western Naturopathic is a natural medicine clinic in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Dr. Eugene Quan, ND is qualified to assist with a large number of health concerns through both natural and modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. Homeopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Botanical, EFT, Electrotherapy Modern Medicine-hair analysis-Allergy Testing-Naturopathic Physicians-endometriosis
1771 First Avenue Nw Calgary Ab
4018 16th St Sw Calgary Ab
Heavy Metal Toxicity-Digestive Disorders-Promote Health
Carstairs Ab
20.00 for each subsequent dog from the same household staying in the same run. A 25% deposit may b…