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1106 Dearness Drive London On
Hello and welcome to The Japanese Academy of Martial Arts, and Kyokushin  Karate School dedicated in providing quality instruction in Masutatsu Oyama's complete full contact style known as Kyokushinkai Karate, modern Japanese Judo principals with unique freestyle techniques, Kick Boxing, and … Martial-Karate-Martial Arts School-Dojo-Kick
Why Join our school? - Internationally Certified Instructor. - Students will learn authentic, trad…
328 Commissioners Rd W, Suite 1012 London On
Security Training Solutions is dedicated to enriching lives by providing world class training for people who like to live the adventure. Currently we are training professionals in the areas of Close Quarter Combat, and many facets of Human Behaviour kickboxing-Muay Thai Kickboxing-Jujutsu-Mma-Black Belt
Jim Kolar, Certified Human Behaviour Consultant Specialist, has developed a series of powerful work…
Security Training Solutions has developed a series of soft skills workshops as part of it's flagsh…
727 Southdale Rd London On
Happy New Year from Morrison Family Karate Once we begin to develop a students self confidence we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honesty, and integrity, these are the foundation of Martial Arts training Martial Arts Training-martial arts instruction-Martial Arts Schools-Karate Instruction-karate school
118 - 5 Jacksway Cr. London On
We Love Aikido is the home of Aiki-Doh!-ka and takes a look at the lighter side of Aikido. Follow Aiki-Doh!-ka on his blog, read his book "Aiki-Doh!-ka: An Aikido Lexicon" and purchase products that feature Aiki-Doh!-ka cartoons. Dojo-Aikido
1958 Duluth Cres. London On
…residents of East London and its surrounding communities In partnership with Forest City Taekwondo, and our relationship with the London and Area District Catholic School Board, we are proud to be able to offer a low cost alternative to traditional Martial Arts and Self Defense training Martial Arts Training-Traditional Martial Arts-Self Defense Training-Self Defense-Defense Training
East London family oriented Self Defense training.
London On
…community which follows the Budo way of building character, training the mind, the body to contribute to society, and has a set of rules and high standards for all Martial Artists who are interested in training, teaching, and promoting Self Defense and Traditional Systems of Martial Arts. Karate-Self Defense
45 Regina St London On
We are committed to quality products and provide information with integrity All Martial Arts Review offers product reviews, dojo and instructor reviews and provides opportunities for product purchase through sales and education All Martial Arts Review guides individuals on a unique …
1444 Glenora Dr London On
Welcome to Steve Stewart's Modern Martial Arts & Kyusho-Jitsu. Steve Stewart's Modern Martial Arts is located in London, Ontario, Canada, and Master Steve Stewart provides Modern Martial Arts Seminars World-Wide along with providing Southwestern Ontario with Modern Martial Arts training of all … Martial Arts Training-Arts Training-Black Belt-Dvd Set
2320 Main Street, Lambeth London On
With the onset of Tae-Kwon-Do being accepted in Olympic circles as a recognized Olympic event. The art of Tae-Kwon-Do has developed into one of the worlds most unique and interesting martial arts in existance today. It's prestigious placement in a Martial Arts School-Taekwondo
727 Southdale Rd E Lower Level London On
Welcome to Morrison Family Karate. Our School is located in London, Ontario, Canada and offers a variety of programs to fit your family’s needs. Children as young as 5 years old are taught in a fun, safe and positive environment that combines Martial Arts, Character Development and Life Skills that … Martial Arts Training-Arts Training-Karate-Family Karate-Black Belt
500 Berkshire Drive London On
Professor Jamie Seabrook American Kenpo Karate School. Christian Martial Arts Program located in London, Ontario, Canada Martial Arts Program-Karate-self-defense-Kenpo Karate-Family Karate
35-775 Osgoode Dr London On
Karate Ontario is the only karate sporting association recognized by the Government of Ontario. Provincial championships are held under the supervision of the Canadian Olympic Committe and Sport Canada ensuring the best quality of competition and highest safety standards Karate-Karate Association
176 York London On
Located in London, Ontario Canada, ALLIANCE SPORTS has searched the world for innovative, quality driven suppliers of Martial Arts & Fitness equipment Martial Arts & Fitness-Fitness Equipment
847 Notre Dame Dr London On
Call (519) 685-5703 . London SW Ontario Martial Arts Supply Inc. Provides Martial Arts Equipment and Uniforms Arts Equipment-Martial Arts Equipment-weapons
1444 Glenora Dr London On
International Modern Martial Arts Federation
1165 Oxford Street East London On
Bernardo Karate, Kickboxing and Martial Arts. 2 convenient locations in London Ontario kickboxing-Karate-Self Defence-Martial Arts School-Boxing
1540 Fanshawe Park Rd W London On
Karate-Kenpo Karate-Judo
1925 Dundas Street London On
1015 Green Valley Rd London On
Mixed Martial Arts-Mma-Physical Training
305 Commissioners Road West, Lower Floor London On
Budo Zen Martial Arts Teaches Kids & Adults Traditional Japanese ShinKyokushin Karate, And Self Defense Techniques Derived From Judo, Jiu Jitsu, And Krav Maga. We also teach Okinawan Weapons. ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~  We offer Londoners the lowest monthly rates **** $35 PER MONTH YOU CAN ATTEND … Tae Kwon Do-kickboxing-Martial-Karate-Kobudo
44 Acorn Cres London On
130 Falcon St London On
150 Dundas St London On
1106 Dearness Dr Unit 5b London On
257 Wellington St London On
Karate-Karate Dojo-Dojo
1075 Sarnia Rd Unit A2 London On
1615 N Routledge Pk Suite 12 London On
1695 Wonderland Rd N London On
Karate-Karate Instruction-Family Karate
1444 Glenora Dr Suite 6 London On
Martial Arts School-Gyms & Fitness-Fitness Centre-gyms & fitness centres-Gyms
847 Notre Dame Dr London On
Martial Arts Equipment
1775 Ernest Ave London On
Karate Instruction
405 Wharncliffe Rd S London On
Martial Arts Training-martial arts instruction-Karate-Family Karate-Sparring
725 Notre Dame Dr London On
Martial Arts & Self Defense Instruction
186 King St London On
Martial Arts & Self Defense Instruction-Arts Center